Macau Grand Prix Museum

In 2012 I visited the Macau WTCC Grand Prix for a 5th time. I also heard of a tribute exhibition on Teddy Yip in the Macau Grand Prix Museum.

During the Grand Prix week and while only following the WTCC races, the Saturday preceding the races are ideal for sightseeing. Thus I paid a small visit to the Museum located at the 431 Rua de Luis Gonzaga Gomes.

I discovered a small but very nice and interesting exhibition. All the cars on display are authentic and shown in clean and modern spaces representing different areas of racing. The exhibition showed mainly the Formula 3 cars of the Grand Prix. The Teddy Yip exhibition was slightly disappointing because of the lack of any Formula 1 or Indy car owned by the famous Theodore Racing Team.

Anyway, the museum is worth a visit for race fans !

Greetz, David Noels

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