Macau Grand Prix Underground like you’ve never seen before !


Everybody knows the Macau Grand Prix for its spectacular races, its crashes and the girls. But few know the existence of an underground surreal world.

Exotic and very expensive cars are hidden in a 2-storey deep underground public parking garage. The regular pitlane garages only have space for the Formula 3 cars and the motorbikes. The WTCC cars are crammed into metal garage boxes in the paddock. All the other race categories are put underground… away from the public eye.

With the years the Macau Grand Prix has grown into an important race meeting on the international (Asian) calendar. Overlooking the starting grids it seems that the economic crisis is everywhere but here ! The contrast between  all these very expensive cars and their location in the paddock, creates this surreal atmosphere.

Imagine official Audi Motorsport and BMW Motorsport teams being stuffed into an unrefined area such as a public parking. Not to mention the unbelievable smell of exhaust gasses, fuel and fluids leaking from damaged cars !

I hope these snapshots bring this very particular atmosphere to your imagination. Enjoy the pictures because only few people know about the existence of these roaring creatures that only come out to roar the public above !

Greetz  šŸ˜‰

David  (all pictures shown  2013Ā© David Noels/all rights reserved)

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